When and how to use Sonthawin Yellow Oil?

Various packages of Somthawin Yellow Oil

Various packages of Somthawin Yellow Oil

Yellow oil is not massage oil. It is much more concentrated and has many more uses.

For sore muscles or arthritis, just rub a little bit of the oil on the affected area, and keep rubbing it with fast and superficial movements until it gets very hot. Then cover the affected area to keep it warm and try to rest for a few minutes. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap, but Do Not wash the affected area for at least 2 hours. If you use the oil as soon as you feel a muscle twitching, you have a good chance of getting rid of the pain within half an hour. If you use it on highly stressed muscles you will feel immediate relief.

For insect bites, apply a bit of oil on the bite. The oil is particularly efficient for ants bites and other insects that inject poison.

4 cc bottle

4 cc bottle

For dizziness, allergies, nausea sea sickness and air sickness, just open the bottle and breath the fumes for a few minutes, or put a drop or two on a handkerchief and breath through it, or put a drop on your pillow before you go to sleep. You can also put a few drops in an inhalator and enjoy immediate relief.


The oil is strictly for external use.

Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap after touching or rubbing yellow oil on your skin.

Do Not let the oil get into your eyes. If it does, dry it with a tissue first.

If you rub the oil on your skin, Do Not wash it for at least 2 hours. If you do, you will feel a stinging cold sensation, derived from the camphor and other cooling ingredients in the oil.

Keep away from wind and cold after rubbing yellow oil on your skin.